You are driving on a dark and foggy night with friends, when you see a ghostly Carnival amongst the gloom across the playing fields. Intrigued, you go to find out what it is… All you can hear is carnival music.

You go into what appears to be a funhouse when a door slams behind you and you hear sinister laughter from outside. The laughter stops suddenly and a voice says “you have one hour to get out of the Funhouse or the game will end…”

You don’t want to know what will happen next.

Can you escape the Funhouse?

You receive a letter from a law firm, Transcend & Co. inviting you to what you thought was the old disused office of your friend, the Professor. To your knowledge he had been off the grid for 5 years working in the Arctic.

You watch a video of your old friend which explains he has actually been working on an antidote for a deadly virus with the potential to wipe out all human life. He says there are sinister forces at work in the world and the fact you are watching the video means he has been killed.

He has handpicked you as a team because he believes you are the only people he can trust to solve the clues and finish his life’s work. The sinister forces he mentioned want the antidote; you must not let it fall into their hands as they plan to unleash the virus, bringing pain and misery to mankind. They will stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda of global depopulation…

Can you find the antidote and save the world?

Trainee witches and wizards aged 5 and over will enter the mysterous world of witchcraft & wizardry. Solve the puzzles and work together. 

It’s your task to find the ingredients for a secret potion and use your magical skills to cast the spells before it’s too late… (COMING SOON)